Analysis and Research

We help you to know what is your competitors, how to get better and grow up fast.

We provide a deep research on trends, shapes, colours, fabrics, accessories in 2 weeks time


A complete 28 pieces collection – womanswear, manswear and childrenswear in a week. Active wear or ready-to-wear, there is nothing we can’t design. Technical designs and samples sheets are part of our daily services.

Samples and industrial production

Martina Couture collaborates with some of the best mills and factories in Italy and can personally take care of your samples and industral production.

Testimonial in Palestine

"I met Leda when she was launching her fashion line, at that time Leda was still very young but despite this she managed to face new challenges bigger than her, this impressed me so much and impressed me when she decided to study Arabic although it is a very difficult language for an Italian, but it was her goal and she showed her determination until she learned this language, my teaching period was one of the most beautiful periods because it made me aware of such a determined and ambitious person she is, surely her personality will make her get what she wonts.... Yallah!"

- Network Development at Ducati Motor Holding

Testimonial in NYC

"Leda is a very talented young woman. Passion, determination and ability to identify the right opportunities are three main keywords I would use to describe her. She is the kind of person who doesn't give up in front of an obstacle, she works hard and finds a way to overcome it. Fashion for Leda is her life. At such a young age she has already accomplished a lot, in different countries, showing also the ability to create collections for different cultures. I am sure the future will lead her to a very successful career. ".

- Design & Innovation Manager, Strategic Leader and Forbes Contributor

Testimonial in Milano

"I met Leda in 2018, she was immediately very communicative and friendly and soon she invited me to attend her events. Leda is an ambitious person, great working and very kind. Always available to help others. Her collection differs from what I used to see, beautiful Mediterranean inspiration prints Made in Italy. It's a wonderful high tailoring quality. For the past seasons, as I am a blogger, she became my client and we collaborate through social media and digital content with her beautiful collections published on my social networks and my fashion website Currently we are still collaborating. The Mermaid Fashion".

- Manager of Sales at Intertrade Group

Testimonial in Milano

"I met Leda at the Fiera Milano Unica in 2017. She came to my stand looking for a type of ribbon to print the logo on, designed by her. He explained how she wanted it with such a simplicity that amazed me, and I understood how talented such a young girl was. Leda is tenacious, ambitious, and has a splendid artistic sensitivity. Her goodness is a quality that I appreciate very much. So we started collaborating for her collections and I found out that she also designed the prints on her fabrics! I wish some fashion designer would see her designs to get ideas for his/her own collection! I am grateful to have met Leda".

Angelo Capitanio
- Agent at LORAD

Testimonial in Firenze

"I had the pleasure of meeting Leda for the first time during a photoshooting in Milan for her collection, we kept working together later for various fitting sessions. Beign a model, I had a great time with her because she gives you peace of mind but at the same time she is very determined in the what she does."

- Freelancer Model

Testimonial in London

"Leda is a fantastic designer, incredibly driven and hugely talented! Her work is meticulous and she is a joy to be around. I would highly recommend Leda. She is a visionary and an asset."

Jamila Robertson
- Founder at Slapp & Blush London, Beauty Tech Enterpreneur

Testimonial in Melbourne

"I feel blessed to have had genuine guidance from Leda for my brand. She supported my own ideas and developed them even further. I love her inspiration and she is so easy to communicate with, always making herself available to me always. Her energy makes me believe that all things are possible."

- CEO and owner at actiwear brand ECAU Australia

Testimonial in Dubai

"Leda is one individual who uniquely stands out. When we first met, I was immediately impressed with Leda's knowledge and passion for fashion. She knows exactly what suits her clients according to their skin-tone and body shape. It’s not just her technical skills that impress me, however. Leda is a joy to work with because of her amazingly positive attitude and eagerness to stick tightly to deadlines."

- Creative Manager at Popuprent

Testimonial in Milano

"Leda is one of the smartest entrepreneurs and vivid creative minds I know. She is part of the 1% of the population: the 1% who is clear on their goals, consistent, dedicated, with ambitious ideas yet with a precise plan to achieve them all. The care and dedication she has for her work also means she keeps qualitative standards very high for the whole team; and that she puts special attention to innovation, even in those areas of her work where most entrepreneurs wouldn't. I can't think of anyone who finds so much pleasure and happiness in building a successful business more than her."

- International Development Manager at Dreamy Apply and Account Manager of GRLS agency

Testimonial in Tel Aviv

"Leda is a highly professional and highly qualified business woman, with a vast knowledge in fashion design, fashion strategy and fashion business. Her good taste, technical skills and sense of entrepreneurship were of big help for our company. Her work is never limited to the small picture. In addition to being a talented designer, Leda is a consultant, a woman with a vision and highly ambitious; a real entrepreneur. Her sense of commitment goes beyond the small, every day tasks. Thank you Leda for your precious contribution! "

- Founder and CEO at All Day Alba

Testimonial in London

"I had the pleasure of working with Leda on the launch of her womenswear label in the UK. Leda was a joy to have as a client; her tireless enthusiasm, professionalism and energy was infectious. From the moment I first met her at her showroom in Milan and saw her first collection, her talent as a young designer was obvious to us and to the press, from her unique design language, choice of colours and fabrics, to the fabulous fit of every one of her garments."

- Director at Mercer Keeble PR

Testimonial in NYC

“I personally worked with Leda multiple times. She is great, a fast learner and very talented. High recommended.”

- creative director and founder at EVOL DESIGN llc NYC

Testimonial in London

“Her (Leda's) style speaks in delicate ways -which represents her own feminine qualities and personality-, but she has also traveled and met many people along her journey and has learnt to appreciate the ways in which others work.”

- Freelancer embroidery designer - Temperley London

Testimonial in London

“I know Leda since several years, I had the opportunity to follow her study path, and her professional debut; Throughout this time, in "Martina Couture", she has shown abnegation and great talent.”

- Senior Consultant footwear designer at Alexander McQueen
We are global

Martina Couture HQ is in Milano, but we have two operatives sites in NYC and London.

Our projects

We do collaborate with many major brands and new brands in US, Europe and Australia.

Great Archive

We have great archive and we can support the design of your lingerie, manswear or activewear collection. Everything is possible if you work with the right team!

Experience and fresh ideas

Our approach is fresh and new. Our team is experienced and can't wait to help you out!

From the first sketch to the final collection design

We help you to build up your company's aesthetics and embrace your market the best way

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Apparel and Accessories design

Underwear, swimwear or ready-to-wear, Martina Couture is a 360° company which provides the entire apparel process: from the research to the final product on your showroom!

We take care of the analysis on competitors; the research on trends and colours/shapes, working by your side for your collection. If you want to renovate your brand and create a new fresh image, or start a new line, contact us for more informations. We can help you with all the phases of the design process and the creation.

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Prints and pattern studio

An iconic pattern or a graphic print can be your best friend when you want to make a new brand identity.

We are expert in making graphic and hand-designed pattern.

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Our team

Meet the talent behind 5 years of experience at Martina Couture

Leda Di Marti

Fashion designer

Lisa Capezzuoli

Packaging designer

Vera Givèl

Artist and Pattern Designer

Gaetano Pollice

Accessories designer

Our works and collaborations

Discover all our project and collections – from beachwear to Haute Couture