Martina Grisolia

I have been fascinated by fashion since I was five, I collect Filofax, love to read biographies and I always carry a notebook around. Born in the south of Italy, I did grow up in the eternal city of Rome, but I feel as a world citizen, because I travel for five continents without stopping. I graduated from the Accademia Costume e Moda, founded by Rosana Pistolese in Rome; I usually deal with tailored garments for the diplomatic environment since 2015 in London. I am currently living in New York.

Fashion designer driven by a strong entrepreneurial spirit, attentive to detail, curious, hardworking and intrigued by new challenges. In 2014, I funded a fashion start-up to design and make tailored gowns for the London diplomatic environment and test my ability to manage and develop collections.

Brilliant academic career in Costume and Fashion Design and also my work experience in Italy, London and NYC taught me the necessary flexibility to success in fashion career, changing from seamstress to designer when needed. Currently looking for a fashion designer role in a top-tier fashion brand.

My name is Martina Grisolia, I am an italian fashion designer interested in join a great company as a techinical/print/embroidery designer, based on my previous experience in Italy, London and NYC.

I feel so lucky because my job is also my true passion. I am currently looking for more challenges in a brand with the vision to dress up the woman, the girl, the mother, daughter and grandmother, which shares the same values as me: caring, respect, fairness, beauty, trust and joy. I am fashinated by timeless modern fairytales which inspire me and help me to find the perfect balance between modern style and traditions of different cultures. Working on different projects made me face challenges about innovative techniques and complicated designs, this made me a good problem-solving designer and a versatile person, faster in taking hard decisions.

My mission is to preserve the true brand identity and make it evern more successful, with my past experience and my couriosity in everything new and next, and fearless ambition. The brand’s goal must be same as mine: make the woman feel beautiful and confortable in everything she wears, making her living a rich and varied life, with self-confidence and style.

Teamwork: At LOOM1801 New York, I daily face up projects development for DVF and Kimora Lee Simmons. I am the assistant of Daniela Gilbert and part of a group of four. The hardest challenge is time when NYFW is coming and an excellent teamwork is essential to succeed when the brand creative director and the designers changes his/her mind at the very last moment. We always search for the best and achieve the best result.

Initiative: For the Victoria’s Secrets (PINK)’s projects (2017), the director asked me to design a capsule collection. I did more, beacuse I think the real request should always be: make this capsule collection a special one, different from others and more succesful. I did make the research of materials, research of shapes and colour trend. The final result included also a propose for a new field for PINK’d division: the ballerina style, which is something the brand doesn’t have. The propose was really well welcomed and the project was, at the end, one of the best I have ever worked on.

TeamLeader: In July of 2015, I founded my personal website: MartinaCouture.com, with the purpose of spreading the Italian craftsmanship abroad, so women can wear the luxury of a tailored garment everyday. I manage the work of a factory in Rome, within seven artisans, and the relationships with suppliers and customers, which are mainly belonging to diplomatic environment in London. I personally research for innovative materials, attending trade fairs and exhibitions (Première Vision, White, Pitti, Tranoi, B&B). I also keep myself informed by fashion magazines about important news of recent seasons and the behavior of the fashion market (Business of Fashion, WWD, Fashion Magazine, Pambianco, etc.).

Research: I consider myself a tireless researcher, before a fashion designer. For the main project of EVOL DESIGN NY, Al Dente Pasta bags, I researched fabrics - for the lining -, italian leather and various materials that better fit the brand identity, being Barilla (c) the focal inspiration. The visual research comes though images and documents and photo books - online research on NYPL Digital and Public Library of America
helps too.

International experience: I had the opportunity to socialize with different people, cultures and languages (I studied English, Spanish and Arabic), during my first experience in NYC, in Marc Jacobs. It definitely enriched me with international experiences; with not only peers of mine, but also with different professional figures, such as entrepreneurs, artists, craftsmen and organizers of events and exhibitions. I keep working with the MJ team as freelancer technical designer.
I am sure that having a new challenge in a top-tier brand would make me an even more complete designer, enriching my creative skills, thank to my past experience and my desire to be join a great team.

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