Martina Couture S.r.l.s. is more than a company, it is a family, where Fashion design is way more than a job, it is also passion. Martina Couture is always looking for more challenges in a brand with the vision to dress up the woman, the girl, the mother, daughter and grandmother, which shares the same values as it: caring, respect, fairness, beauty, trust and joy. We are fashinated by timeless modern fairyales which inspire us and help us to find the perfect balance between modern style and traditions of different cultures.

Working on different projects made us face challenges about innovative techniques and complicated designs, this made us the right choice when it comes upo to being a good problem-solving designer and a versatile person, faster in taking hard decisions. Martina Couture's mission is to preserve the true brand identity and make it evern more successful, with our past experience and our couriosity in everything new and next, and fearless ambition. The brand’s goal must be same as ours: make the woman feel beautiful and confortable in everything she wears, making her living a rich and varied life, with self-confidence and style.

My awards and publications

• Vogue UK interview (June 2016) by Olivia Osborne - Discussed the fashion gap between East and West
• Vogue UK interview (May 2016) by Olivia Osborne – Interviewed as fashion designer revelation of the year
• Official Made in Italy Magazine interview by Niccolò de Carolis - Focused on Martina Couture’s Fashion Show in St. Martins Courtyard in London (July 2016)
• Winner of Oltremoda 2016 Challenge by U/nite - Competed with international designers on a project combining creativity and business acumen
• F magazine interview by Marzia Nicolini as founder of a brand under 30 (June 2016)
• Happy Wedding Magazine by Giorgia Fiore as selected young designer of June issue
• Eventi Culturali Magazine interview by Manuela Pacelli as italian fashion designer
revelation of the year under 24 (May-June 2016)
• Winner of the Italian Trade Agency’s 2016 ICE award in the clothing category with Established designers from Italy
• Second place Moda Movie Challenge 2015 Crossing Cultures - Awarded for the Memories capsule collection inspired by natural landscape and colors of the Middle East
• Author of crical study “Lo sguardo libero - L’evoluzione del velo dall’epoca preislamica ad oggi negli UAE” (“The free glance - The Evolution of the veil from Preislamic era to present day in the UAE”) published by Pioda Imaging (Fall 2014)

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