Martina Couture selectes always great collaborations with artist and designers, offering a 360° service to all new brands and well-established ones. There is always space to new creative people in MC team! Take a look to the ones who are now collaborating with MC.

Vera Givèl

Vera is an italian artist, illustrator and textile/print designer. She began drawing as a child and creativity has always been a major part of her life, finding inspiration on fashion, travels and everyday life.

Bold colors and vivacity with a sprinkle of humor are characteristic on her artworks. She works with inks, acrylics and pencils on paper, silk, canvas and natural textiles.

Fashion, lifestyle, still life, jewelry and everything that brings joy are her favourite subjects, imagined to also be translated across various venues of fashion, interiors and stationery.

Her woman is cosmopolitan, feminine and elegant, with kissing lips and big expressive eyes, living her happy, funny-chic and fashionable life.

Vera grew up in Sardinia, Italy, where she developed her sense of colors surrounded by a sparkling tourqoise sea and uncontaminated sunny nature; she graduated in Psychology before following her dream and starting her career as an illustrator and designer. Vera Givèl illustrated accessories have appeared in fashion magazines like Vogue Accessories, Elle and Grazia among others.

About Vera

Evol Design NY

EVOL Design is a strategic branding & packaging design boutique agency.
Its expertise lies in special edition projects and luxe goods bringing over 10 years of experience in this sector.
Love for design is their driving force.

Evol Design’s clients require an innovative and highly creative solution: Estee Lauder, Villa Massa, Guerlain, Elizabeth Arden and many more.
They combine their Italian heritage with global experiences – tradition with innovation, structure with freedom.

For the beauty category, Evol Design works together with global agency Li & Fung.

They are the leading consumer goods design, development, sourcing, and logistics company for major retailers and brands around the world.

At EVOL its clear that, understanding thier clients’ needs and their respective market, they can develop long lasting relationships.

About EVOL Design

Studio Kami

Studio Kami is a architecture design office, based in Roma, using sustainable architecture achieved through the analysis of complex systems already present in nature. Its co-founder and chief architect Emanuele Custo thinks that environmental conditions such as acoustics, wind, solar patterns and flows of people are the input for natural algorithms that initiate mathematical processes that produce complex organic shapes.

Studio Kami Architetti has been working for more than 20 years in concept design for foreign countries; In Russia we designed the multifunctional center of Ivanovo, presented at the MIPIM in Cannes in 2009.

In Italy, the studio has carried out many projects, including the permanent installation “parametric wave” at the Museum of the 21st Century Arts (MAXXI), the realization of new “smart offices” for Bridgestone Technical Centre Italia, the restyling of Academy of Egypt in Rome, the conversion of industrial spaces into offices. Studio Kami was engaged to produce also the enchanting and innovative animals construction of the DIOR’s Fashion show in Paris in 2017, the Maria Grazia Chiuri‘s first one as creative director.

One of the best works is still the design installations for the fashion house Valentino, consisting on the stage for the haute couture Valentino’s parade in 2015 made in Rome, Piazza Mignanelli. Last but not least the installation of Valentino’s stand for the Design District of Miami 2015.

About Studio Kami

Gaetano Pollice

Gaetano Pollice is an exceptional Italian accessories designer. His experience revealed to him that his bags have an old soul that want to live in a contemporary world.

Gaetano loves women carrying the mistery of an hand made tradition, not shy at all walking in the streets of today that is already tomorrow. The Tombolo is an ancient art. We have to go back to 1503 in Molise to find the first lace made with the tombolo technique by the nuns at the monanstery of S. Maria delle Monache. Old fashion allure inspires Gaetano’s creativity. 

Tombolo, the art of the pins and tummarielli: were so precise techniques that it was necessary to start practicing since children, otherwise you would lose your patience before you even started gaining your passion.

His bags love to dress up. But his bags are also women that are discreet, not impudent. Their fingers were rapidly dancing while holding the fuselli. His bags love to dress up like “tombolo”, embroidered with this same technique, that means “beauty of the handmade” to Gaetano. He will give you everything you need to begin your journey.

About Gaetano

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