Martina Couture S.r.l.s. is more than a company, it is a family, where Fashion design is way more than a job, it is also passion.

Martina Couture is always looking for more challenges for established and start-up brands. We love to take care of our clients, respecting their fashion image and their vision, which can be to dress up the woman, the girl, the mother, daughter or the grandmother.

Our values are caring, respect, fairness, beauty, trust and joy.

We are fascinated by timeless modern fairytales which inspire us and help us to find the perfect balance between modern style and traditions of different cultures, so we can help out Australian brands or Parisian brands, with no limits.

Working on different projects made us face challenges about innovative techniques and intrigued designs: this makes us the right choice when it comes up to find a good problem-solving designer and a versatile team, faster in taking hard decisions.

Martina Couture’s mission is to preserve the true brand identity and make it even more successful, with our past experience and our curiosity in everything new and next, and fearless ambition. The brand’s goal must be same as ours: make the final user feeling beautiful and comfortable in everything she/he wears, making her/his living a rich and varied life, with self-confidence and style.