Leda Di Marti Prints

Leda designed the original and exclusive prints for her three last collections.

They are inspired by her homeland: the region Calabria in the Suth of Italy.

The first print of the Leda Di Marti Summer/Spring collection is a mix of cedars and bergamots, with beautiful and light broom flowers. The colors are quite cold: yellow and green proposed in all their magnetic shades.
The second summer print is a lively and sensual riot of sea animals and hot red chili peppers, which mix in an endless vortex.

The Winter Collection 2018-19 is dedicated to natural symbols such as the fig tree (cactus) and the pomegranate, so common and representative of Southern Italy.
A special cameo is a tribute to the wonderful land of Matera, with its whites and one-of-a-kind “Sassi” stones.
The cactus is enlivened by red and fuchsia flowers, which explode on the green forest of the print base.
The pomegranate is the protagonist of the second print, with its purple, burgundy and blue hues, in their refined and calm tones.

The last Autumn/Winter Collection 2019-20 is Leda’s new treademark. It screams “Leda!” all over and rapresents the new brand’s shape and stylistic imprint.

There are a few version of the same prints, in color variants.


Enjoy the project! 





22 January 2019