Kate Spade Powder Room

Martina Couture and the artist Vera Givèl want to present you this exclusive project about a lovely girly theme: The Powder Room. We love you because woman because she is ironical, happy and girly. Powder Room Collection takes inspiration by vintage chic feminine atmospheres, evoking a private luxury space where lovely girls can whisper their secrets while having their make up done and getting beautiful.

Red lipstick, french perfumes, precious sparkling powders and coloured gems, take us on a magical and happy mood by using a joyful color palette and became the leitmotive for a unique, eye catching garments and accessories collection. Every detail is designed to dream and smile and to be every girls’ essential to add a touch of sensual and ironic style on everyday life. The products proposed in this project are just small exemples of what Martina Couture and Vera Givèl can provide as technical and artistic services. We have explored your world and find that some basic items such as the sleep mask or the water bottle are perfect for a energic and playful woman/girl.

Enjoy the project! 


Sketches, Technical Designs


26 September 2018